50 Shades of Gray… A Man’s Perspective

Guest post by David Urias

Sometime back, a friend of mine asked me to read a book she had just read and so we could discuss it at a dinner. It was the first such request I’ve ever received, so I was intrigued; my friend knows I read a lot  and that my tastes in reading varies, though being a 56yr old straight Hispanic male, one could deduce that romance novels aren’t really my thing, (I’m more the Tom Clancy to Anne Rice type). So the book she wanted me to check out was called 50 Shades of Grey, of which there is a trilogy ( I made it through the first two)… This is what I have to say about that.

First of all, to be fair, I have no real problem with the writing  style.  I felt it was an easy read, it flowed well and the author did a fair job of describing visuals and settings.

As to the content of the story, I’ve heard this story referred to as “house wife porn.”  Yeah, pretty much. I mean, I’m no prude by any means. I’ve been married twice and had many relationships, from platonic to otherwise; I’ve been around. So the story actually starts out great, as in sort of edgy, on the verge of some good old BDSM themed naughty school girl makes good… you know that old nugget.

The male character Grey starts out as the predictable tall movie star looking rich guy, who is a dominant (that’s the one in charge in the Master/submissive world) (I watch a lot of discovery, that’s how I know this stuff…) In this case, in a mere one and half books, this guy goes from a strong dominant male to a huddling mass of “DON’T LEAVE ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!.”

Ana, Anastasia, or as I’ve come to think of her the Pauline pure heart of BDSM, is made to be this completely innocent, naïve female collegian/supermodel. Who in a matter of pages goes from sexually inexperienced (one gets the impression heavy petting was never even on the menu) to a sexual athlete.

The sex scenes were written and described as well and tastefully as a person with what are probably normal and conventional morals can get in to a story and feel edgy and being risky could get, but really? These people appear to have rapid fire sex and are able to achieve cocurrent orgasms in about two minutes. WOW! (Well it is fiction right?)

It is not a bad story really, just kinda misleading, I mean it starts out as hot edgy guilty pleasure reading for the sort of innocent and turns into a harlequin romance.   (I’m just saying)


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