Mississippi Car Crash

by The TV Guy

The fear that all of humanity has lost its way was quashed by this story of good Samaritans. A woman and her sister crashed the SUV they were driving into a pine tree along I -10 just inside the Mississippi  border. More than 20 people stopped and began the process of getting the women out of the burning vehicle. The driver was pinned behind the steering wheel unable to get out as the flames engulfed the engine. People poured drinking water over the engine, doing everything and anything they could until a cement mixer came along with a water hose that was used to keep the heat and the fire down.

36 year old Giovanna Diamanté and her disabled sister were taken to Gulfport Memorial Hospital to be treated. According to reports the women will be fine and are scheduled to released soon.

So often the news of the world is about the dark and broken part of the human experience. I know for me it is a delightful surprise when a group of strangers ban together and do what needs to be done in a moment of crisis. While not all people have the ability to be useful in a crisis, luckily for these women on this little piece of I-10 they had an abundance of them all at the same time. It is a wonderful display of compassion and real human kindness that  recharges ones faith in humanity.


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