Painting, Chaos, and Creativity

I love doing creative projects.

Right now the husband and I are working on painting our powder room.  I love painting rooms, and I love covering them with fun colors.  I’m not much of a paint-everything-neutral kind of gal.  I mean, I appreciate the decorating advice of painting things white or beige and then using curtains, picture frames, and other easily changeable things as focal points.  I appreciate the decorating advice that lots of stuff, no matter how pretty or cool, just makes things look cluttered.

Here’s a gingerbread house I decorated with an Easter theme. Though not timely, it did seem to fit the theme of today’s post.

But… I like color and clutter and chaos.  🙂

So, here we are painting our bathroom, and it’s inspired us to keep going to other rooms.  We’ve kind of been stuck on how to paint our upstairs for awhile due to a conundrum.  Do we do carpet or hardwood?  We have 6 cats (yes, 6… see here for an explanation on why I’m not the crazy cat lady), so I really want to get rid of my carpet.  But hardwood is expensive, and takes time to install.

The inspiration smacked my husband in the face today, as he said, “Why don’t we just paint the subfloor?”  Why indeed.  After turning to my beloved Google, I found out that lots of people are doing it, and it looks kind of cool.  If you want your house to have dignity, maybe it’s not a great idea.  But I’m awfully fond of dents and character and imperfection.  So it’s perfect for me.  Here’s a link to the blog post that convinced me that it’s a great idea.

It’s probably going to be a little while before we start, but don’t worry; I’ll post pictures of our progress.

I always find that being visually creative and playing with paint and other medium triggers other types of creativity.  We’ll just have to see.


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