Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

When I think about free spirits, I think about dogs and children.  Not for the most obvious reasons, but because neither of them are afraid of the rain.

That might seem like sort of an odd statement (or maybe not so odd if you’re a regular reader here…), but take a look at how most adults act on a rainy day.  If they don’t have umbrellas, they run through the rain as if it’s acid, and one drop will kill them.

I own umbrellas.  Even when I lived in Pennsylvania, I never knew *quite* where they were.  Or if I knew, then I knew for sure they weren’t anywhere useful to me.  Now that I live in Arizona, it’s even worse.

So, today’s photo sort of captures that.  My normally prissy dog (who hates rain and refuses to go outside when it rains) decided to play in the mud.  Here she is looking chagrined, as if to say, “Okay, I don’t like that wet stuff, but getting muddy isn’t so bad.  You’re not mad, are you?”


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