Delicious Monster

Have you ever bought a CD/DVD/book, gotten home, and said, “Crap!  I have that already!”  Well, I have.  Especially with books.  Delicious Monster (for Mac only) solves this problem.

Rawr! I’m a monster!

You use your Mac to scan each item into a virtual bookshelf.  It can then be synced with your iPhone (or other mobile device).  This is awesomely cool for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, I always know what I own, so when my husband asks, “Do we have that DVD?” I no longer have to say “How the &*^% should I know??  I don’t watch that!”

This is also awesomely cool for just in case you ever need to make a claim to your insurance company.  You have your whole library at your fingertips.  There’s an option for “checking in” and “checking out” books, so you know who you’ve loaned them to (I lost 4 copies– 4!– of the first Harry Potter book).

The software has a lot of different features, but I’ve just named some of my favorites.  If you’re a Mac user, this is super cool… check it out!


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