The Traveler- Movie Review

The Traveler, released in 2010, starring Val Kilmer, was a pretty good horror movie.  It goes into my “worth watching once” category.  The premise is that a man walks into a police station on Christmas Eve and confesses to murder.  The stranger is a bit creepy, and starts by freaking out everyone in the police station.

Halfway through the movie, the plot hinted to a twist in the story that I thought was going to be pretty awesome.  That promise wasn’t fulfilled, which disappointed me, and is what put it in the worth watching once category.

The story doesn’t offer anything terribly new, but it’s entertaining.  It’s available on Netflix (which is how we found it).  The season for horror movies is approaching!  Happy watching.

One comment on “The Traveler- Movie Review

  1. Greg says:

    Scary movies – for me – are no longer slashers. “A Strange Thing This Way Comes” (story by Bradbury I believe); now that is horrifying stuff. I think the movie had the same name. My other favorite was the one made from S. King’s novella “The Body”. I think the movie was called “Stand By Me”. The truly horrifying is only so because it is not only plausible, but probable. And because we have all been there.

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