Walk the Line

I love watching movies, even bad ones.  I tend not to like watching new movies, generally preferring to watch the same handful of movies over and over.  Every once in awhile, I watch a movie that makes my heart hurt.  It inspires me and makes me want to do all sort of creating things.  Walk the Line is one such movie.  I wasn’t a Johnny Cash fan before this movie, but I can guarantee that I’ll be listening to him a lot more often.  He wasn’t perfect, but he kept trying to do what he did best.

I loved this movie.  It essentially told the story of Johnny Cash’s life against the backdrop of his lasting love for his second wife, June Carter.  They both died before this movie came out, but according to IMDB, they approved Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon to play their parts.  Both actors learned to sing and play instruments for their roles, and I admire them for their performances.  It’s a great movie.  If you haven’t seen it, it may be time to rent it.

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