The Good Wife

special guest post by The TV Guy’s Stepmother

I didn’t like Julianna Margulies on ER- understand, I never watched ER, but sometimes something about an actor can just rub us the wrong way.  That all changed with the very first episode of The Good Wife-Margulies’s Alicia Florrick is a multi-layered character.

The premise of the show was being played out in the media frequently when the show premiered charismatic politician cheats on loving wife.  The show is so much more, as Alicia strives to hold it all together. “All” includes husband Peter, two teenage kids, a cantankerous mother-in-law, a return to the practice of law after a prolonged absence, a new apartment-her life would make anyone’s head spin.
Margulies plays the part with a mix of vulnerability, moxie, bemusement, and a sense of humor.

Last season, the writers temporarily took the show off the rails, when Alicia and Will, one of the partners at her firm, consummated their relationship.  The story line seemed to have nowhere to go, and was rescued in time.  This year, the firm’s bankruptcy gives Nathan Lane a great turn as the trustee assigned to lead the firm’s recovery, and questions about Peter’s infidelity continue to plague his political life, as he runs for governor of Illinois. Alan Cumming, not originally intended to be a regular, is hilarious as Peter’s campaign manager, Eli Gold.

If you’re looking for an intelligent, compelling drama, watch The Good Wife on Sunday nights (for the next few months, after football.)


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