Facing the Perilous Query Letter

I hate writing query letters.  I don’t know what it is about query letters that make me cringe.  Maybe its because I’ve already written the book, and the idea of telling people about it in one page seems overwhelming.  Or it could be that I know how wonderful I am and believe that others should know it too.  Whatever the reason, I write horrible query letters; I can admit it.

I just finished writing/ editing/ editing/ cursing at/ editing my latest novel, and I think it’s about as polished as it’s going to get.  I considered editing it a little more, just so that I could put off writing the query letter, but I decided to be brave.

I’ve looked at a lot of websites that talk about query letters, and they usually leave me more confused and muddled than when I started.  But fear not!  The single best website for query letter advise is Query Shark.  Query Shark is an agent who allows people to submit query letters to her so that she can rip them to shreds in an open forum to help both the writer and the rest of us.  I’ve done my best to read all the archives (and take notes), and I hope I’ve learned quite a bit.  My query letter is sitting, written, on Word.  I’m going to let it sit this week and revise again next week before submitting it to agents.

Wish me luck.


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