Bravery, Breast Cancer, and Blogging

Want to see what bravery looks like?  I have a friend who’s battling Stage II breast cancer at age 34, and through most of the journey, she’s kept a positive outlook.  Yep, she has bad days… really bad days, but most of the time she’s grateful for life, what she’s been given, and determined to beat it.  She’s working on doing things on her bucket list, because at 34, who thinks about death?

We met in high school, but weren’t “friends.”  Honestly, I didn’t even remember her when I ran into her at a friend’s wedding.  We had such fun hanging out that night that we became Facebook friends, and her honest and witty posts about life caught my attention.  Pre-cancer, she was vibrant and full of life.  Now?  I’m amazed she doesn’t glow in the dark.

Every day, she’s posted on Facebook about her incredible journey, and she now has a page detailing it… all 117 days since her diagnosis.  If you need encouragement or want to find out what it’s really like emotionally for someone, take a look.  When I say she’s honest, I mean honest.  There have been days she wants to die as much as other days, she wants to live.

That’s what cancer does to you.  And when she beats it, I won’t be surprised, but I will be proud to know her.  Her mission is to spread breast cancer awareness so that women can make informed decisions.


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