Suicide Plan

by The TV Guy

Assisted suicide is a complex issue for many.  In the US, assisted suicide refers to someone who has a terminal illness who wants to end his or her own life but needs assistance to complete.  Frontline put together a fair and honest look at assisted suicide. Unlike Oregon and Washington states, the rest of the states consider assisted suicide a crime punishable by years in prison. The report showed a little known organization Final Exit as it fights for the rights and the opportunity to provide sick people with an option for the end of their lives. The group prepares people with information and how to complete suicide. This is a difficult and complex issue for many people for moral, religious and legal reasons.

The Frontline produced program on PBS showed a balanced look at complex issues. No matter where one stands on this issue, this episode of Frontline should be commended for honestly and respectfully looking at both sides of a contentious issue.

More people will be helped to complete suicide and end their lives no matter what the law says.

What is the appropriate solution?

Do not miss this compelling episode on your local PBS station.  Here’s a link to a preview of the show.


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