Talking Dead

Well, this week’s Walking Dead has mixed reviews from my end.  I loved it (except for the boring Woodbury stuff… but at least they didn’t spend as much time there).  My husband thought it was another meh episode.

Spoiler alert!

A lot happened in this episode.  I know some people probably think Rick “snapped” when he picked up the phone and was talking with his dead loved ones, but it’s actually not uncommon for someone to hear their loved one’s voices during normal grief.  It’s not so normal to also hear a telephone ring, but hey, this is TV!  I think that was actually pretty sweet, though I was getting annoyed with how desperate Rick was to move to someplace safe, without knowing who was on the other end of the phone.

I was thrilled that Carol was still alive, though I sort of thought something like that would happen when they didn’t say they found her body.  I feel like there are some real sparks between Daryl and Carol… will there be a May-December romance?  There was one in the graphic novels, though not between them.

I’m glad Michonne is finally going to cross their paths.  I was getting impatient for it.  I think she’ll be a valuable addition to the group.

I never liked Andrea, and I like her less now that she ditched the friend who kept her alive all that time and is having a romance with the Governor.  I get it; Michonne seems a little paranoid, but paranoid has kept them alive all this time, and Michonne didn’t have to save her.  Woodbury seems nice… but I guess it comes down to a choice.  Would you want to live in a really nice place run by a dictator?  Or a less than nice place where you have freedom?  Me?  I’d pick the freedom.  Safety’s great, but at what cost?

Glen and Maggie were captured… not really much to say about that.  I hope they escape okay, but it’s not a given, considering that the show kills off main characters, even beloved ones.  (I was so sad when Dale died!)  Now that Merle’s back, I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Daryl.  I always got the impression that Merle treated Daryl horribly, but because they were brothers, Daryl put up with it.  Now that he’s not being put down all the time, he seems to be coming into his own, and is a valuable asset to the group.  Will that change?  You know Merle is going to want Daryl to do something bad for the group.  I’m hoping that it doesn’t come to that; now that Carol is back, I hope it’s clear where his loyalties lie.

That’s all I got for this week.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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