Black Friday

These days, most of us associate the words “Black Friday” with “massive sales.”  Many stores open for Black Friday on Thanksgiving now, but the day was originally so named after Philadelphia police started calling it that in 1966 because of the number of traffic accidents and injuries.  Retailers obviously didn’t like the name, and eventually spun it so that it was the day they’re in the “black,” or making profit.

I won’t be shopping today.  You couldn’t pay me enough to get near the stores.  As a teenager, my mom and I would hit some of the stores at 6 a.m., which was kind of fun.  We’d go get coffee first before standing out in the cold, then go in with the crowds and excitement.  That was long before people started trampling one another.  When Jingle All The Way first came out, I laughed.  Now, it seems more like a commentary on our times.

Where ever you are today, be safe.  And enjoy!

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