Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I *try* not to complain.  Some people take the attitude that things can always be worse, and I suppose that’s usually true.  But that’s not why I try not to complain.  For me, it’s more about this: I only have one life to live.  It’s mine.  I can’t control everything in it, nor would I want to.  I actually try to embrace the chaos.  But the fact is that whatever hand I’ve been dealt, it’s mine, and it’s no use to complain about the cards.  Sometimes it feels good for a minute, but it doesn’t change the cards and just delays the inevitable… whatever play I end up making with them.

I really believe that attitude is everything and that most of us make our own luck.  I try to send positive out into the universe, and hope that I’ll get mostly positive in return.  We all have personal tragedies… unfortunately none of us can get through life without them.  People die… loved ones get sick… we ourselves get sick… there’s loss and pain… And none of us can escape those things.  So why not be happy/ grateful/ content with what I have today, knowing that tomorrow it could be different?

I remember with love the ones I’ve lost… my friend John… Jamie… my grandmothers… my grandfathers… my mother and father in law… my grandparents in law… pets…  I miss them, and am even more grateful for those I still have.  Yes, I get mad at those I love.  I’m only human.  But I try to remember what they bring to my life (other than aggravation).  Love, laughter, friendship, a shoulder to cry on.

I know this is a photo challenge, but I felt thoughtful and wanted to share.  So… in pictures…

Family and friends…

Discovering exercise I actually love… hiking!

Quiet time…


Good health…

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