Talking Dead

This week’s episode was great!  There was some action, and action is definitely promised for next week. Now let’s just hope they follow through…

Spoiler Alert!

So… I really hate Merle right about now, though I hate the Governor more.  Merle is at least straightforward and honest (well, mostly), while the Governor is all about machinations.  I loved that Glenn stayed tough through the beating, and I have a new respect for Maggie, who hung in there even when she thought she was going to be tortured.  I can’t blame her for breaking and jumping in to tell the truth when she thought the Governor would shoot Glenn.

Glenn’s faith that Rick would come for them warmed my heart, and showed such a contrast from the way someone would be treated in Woodbury.  They’re not valued members of a group there; they’re subjects.

I find it interesting that Rick and Daryl agreed to take both Michonne and Oscar.  Both unknown quantities.  As paranoid as Rick and Daryl usually are, it seems an odd choice, but I guess with Maggie and Glenn gone, they’re almost out of fighters and have to take what they can get.

I wonder what’s going to happen when they break into Woodbury, because you know that s*** has to hit the fan.  What will Daryl do when he meets up with Merle again?  Who will Andrea side with?  I don’t much care about Andrea, because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really like her.  As to Daryl though, I have faith that he will side with the people who care about him rather than blind loyalty to his brother.

Another week of waiting, then on to the mid-season break.  *sigh*  Why did the Walking Dead have to be such a great show?


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