Christmas already?!?

Yes, I am aware that it isn’t actually Christmas.  And while I love the Christmas season, I’m one of those people who believe that the Christmas season should not officially begin until after Thanksgiving.   I like my holidays one at a time, thank you!  On Halloween night, I stopped at Wal-mart and saw the Halloween display torn down and Christmas already up.  How can it feel like Christmas when the season “started” a month ago already?  In Arizona, it’s still 80-plus degrees, but instead of being able to find yard and lawn stuff in the garden center, I find giant light up Santas, Christmas trees, and giant candy canes for my snow-less yard.

I want to get into the Christmas spirit, but it’s hard for me to do when I’m still wearing shorts.  Of course, it’s also hard for me to get into the spirit when I’m being inundated with Christmas before I even eat my Thanksgiving sides.  The season is being shoved down my throat, and it makes me want to say “Bah, Humbug!”

Of course, I have started some of my Christmas shopping.  That’s different!  I don’t want to spend all that money at the last minute and rush around to do shopping!  I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday.  No deal is worth risking being trampled for.  Besides, I do about 90% of my shopping (other than for groceries) online.

So… it’s just after Thanksgiving now, and my local shopping mall is blaring Christmas music on the outdoor speakers.  Merry Christmas?


One comment on “Christmas already?!?

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    I’ve lived in the Northeast all my life. It would be so weird to have a warm Christmas!

    BTW, in CT Stop and Shop delivers groceries! I did it for a while when I was working mega hours and it was great. But over time I found myself just ordering all the same stuff.

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