Media Malpractice

by The TV Guy

imagesFilmmaker John Ziegler makes the statement that the 2008 election of Barack Obama was nothing more than a conspiracy of the liberal media to elect their man. When I decided that this would be something to watch on Netflix, I was sure that it would be nothing more than right wing propaganda. I was prepared to have the extremes of the right tell me things that I had heard before and that were proven false. While some of that was true there was still more information that I had never heard before about the President and his campaign for public office in Chicago and on the national stage. While nothing that I heard changes my opinion of the President it does make me question the press and their bias for a candidate they support.

The filmmaker John Ziegler makes a good point, the press should not pick the candidate and then do everything in their power to get them elected.

This is a must see if you question the press and how it effects the outcome of votes and policy in the American system.


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