Ugly Americans

by The TV Guy

imagesIn search of Disturbing?

In a quest to find something different, I let my mouse scan Netflix for something new. My attention was drawn to a brightly colored picture of a man and a “devil” woman. I lay my pointer over the picture, unsure of what lay beyond this icon. The promo talks about the characters in New York with mythical creatures everything from vampires and werewolves to zombies and other demonic beasts.  Social Worker Mark Lilly was responsible for assimilating these creatures into society.

Ugly Americans is likely one of the most disturbing cartoons I’ve seen in a while. It is wrong in an inappropriate and perverse way. But funny.  Really, really funny.  I could give you some hints but I would rather imagine your faces when viewing.

WARNING! No one under 16 or so should view this!!!!


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