by the TV Guy’s Stepmother

images-1Best new show of the season-how many times have we heard that?  This time, it’s true. Nashville, one of ABC’s dramas introduced in the fall, has so far lived up to the hype.

Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere (both of whom do their own singing, and do it well) star as the fading country music star, Rayna, and her young, and fierce, competitor, Juliette, respectively. Took til episode two to have a handle on all of the characters (maybe that’s just me), but they are all worth knowing. There’s love, and lust, and lies;there’s a political race, up and coming musicians, more lust, more lies.
Rayna’s father is powerful and manipulative; Juliettes’s mother is a hopeless addict. Their parenting skills (or lack of them) play a large part in the lives of their offspring.
With many (but not too many) storylines and lots of plot turns, this show is fun-wondering where they found all the beautiful people with great voices… but it works!
Nashville should be back soon with new episodes-if you missed the first half of the season, find it on NetFlix or On Demand, and catch up so you’re ready.

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