Inspiration from Pictures

I would love to be able to sketch so I could put some of my pictures on paper that end up in my head.  I’m not a very visual person, so being able to describe what’s in my head is difficult.  My stick figures look like a 6 year old drew them, so I’ve learned to compensate by taking pictures and using other people’s pictures for inspiration.  I love to take pictures of everything.  I call it “taking notes.”  And I can’t delete “bad” pictures either.  I try to, but I want to keep every photo I’ve ever taken, even if it has my thumb prominently displayed.  Even if the next shot was the one I intended.

I admire people who can take pictures, real art.  I recently found a website for Nicolas Ruel, who takes pictures around the world in a series he calls “8 seconds.”  He leaves the shutter open for 8 seconds, and ends up with these incredible, dream-like works of art.  If you’re a photography fan or need some inspiration, check out his page.


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