600 Hours of Edward- A Review

imagesMy book club picked 600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster for the month of December.  This is definitely not a book I would have picked, or even heard of without my wonderful book club, but I absolutely loved it.

Edward is 39 years old, diagnosed with Aspergers Disorder and OCD.  He lives in a house his parents pay for, and he eats the same meals every week.  To others, his life sounds boring, but to Edward, it makes him feel safe.

This book is fiction, but written like a memoir about the 600 hours (or 25 days) in which his life was changed by a single mom and her son.

Some people in my book club thought this book had a slow start.  I liked it from the beginning, but everyone who thought it started slow agreed it was worth it to finish.

I highly recommend this book.  It’s a good discussion book as well, and I like that it portrays someone with a mental illness in a positive manner.  Apparently, a sequel to this book is coming out, and I look forward to that one as well.


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