I Feel Dumber

imagesMy sister in law and brother in law are in town, and one of the things we like to do together is play board games at night.  It’s sort of a family tradition.

Well, we went to Target for some Play-Doh, since the clay in our Cranium dried up.  While we were there, we decided to look for a new version of Trivial Pursuit, since ours is from…. well, it’s old.

They had some classic games, like Scrabble and Clue, but they also had a Storage Wars game.  And not a single Trivial Pursuit to be found.  So we looked in electronics, figuring that would be a perfect X-box or Wii game with live updating.  Nope.  We tried Wal-Mart, since Wal-mart usually has pretty much everything.  Does no one sell Trivial Pursuit???  When did the game go away??

We ended up buying a game called bezzerwizzer, which is fun, but it’s no Trivial Pursuit.  The questions are mixed for easy and hard, and there are more categories.  You can also steal attractive categories from other people and steal questions.

You know, sometimes I say that I think people are dumber, but I don’t really mean it.  Kids know more and harder stuff than they used to.  Maybe it’s laziness?  We don’t want to think too hard during leisure time.  I found some versions of Trivial Pursuit on Amazon, but they look like older versions.  Where’s my updated version?

Either way, we had fun, and that’s what matters.  We have a new game, but it’s not the same without Trivial Pursuit…

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