Phoenix Zoo

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

The Phoenix Zoo is the best zoo I’ve ever been to.  Granted, I haven’t been to that many… maybe San Diego and Philadelphia.  I liked this zoo because they have it set up so that you’re able to take pictures of most of the animals without cage lines.  The animals have great habitats, and they mix animals when appropriate, which is why I have some really great pictures.  Rabbits and birds are everywhere, just hanging out with the other animals.




DSCN2861They have a giraffe exhibit, and you can actually feed the giraffes.  They’re so big, but so gentle, with super long tongues.  Because it wasn’t busy, one of the zoo employees was happy to stand there for awhile and tell us all about giraffes and answer our questions.  We stood pretty close to them.  For safety, they had us stand back a bit, as giraffes can get pretty big, and their head can weigh about 75 pounds.  If they turn their heads too fast, they can easily knock over a grown man!







There's nothing common about me!

There’s nothing common about me!


There’s also an exhibit with squirrel monkeys, in which you can go into a big room, and we were right there with them.  They do their monkey thing while we tried to catch them on camera.

The Phoenix zoo also does some conservation work, in which they raise animals specifically for release into the wild.


One comment on “Phoenix Zoo

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    Great pics! I love zoos. I know some people have an issue with wild animals being kept in captivity, but many of them have better, longer and healthier lives than they would in the wild. Plus, seeing live animals in zoos might make people more prone to want to support their wild habitats.

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