Lost Girl

by The TV Guy

imagesWhen looking for new television to occupy my time, I turn to my friends at Netflix. My newest series come from our fine neighbors from the Great White North. Lost Girl is a sci-fi crime drama with fights, wolves, and a succubus. This is a twist on good and evil that follows the dark and light sides of the Fae, an ancient people that have lived side by side without human knowledge of their existence.

Bo, the succubus, has moved to town where she finally finds out why she is so different. She never understood her power and assumed there was no one like her. She killed her first boyfriend by sucking the life out of him by accident. The show is a chronicle of her coming to terms with her power and her grand decision, to pick a side, either light or dark.

The show is on SyFy network, now entering its third season. So if you like this genre, you will enjoy this one.


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