The Good Dream- A review

imagesLast time I was at the library, I saw a book cover with different colored bottles called The Good Dream by Donna VanLiere.  I liked the cover and the title enough to read the description.  It’s women’s fiction, and not my usual thing, but I’ve been reading a lot of different books lately and enjoying them, so I decided to pick it up.

Ivorie is an “old maid,” but doesn’t care.  She’s content to help her aging parents and do her own thing.  When her parents die, she’s left adrift, until one night she finds a little boy who doesn’t talk raiding her garden.  He’s one of the hill people, and the whole town cautions her not to get involved, but can she really leave a starving little boy with an abusive father just because it’s “none of her business”?

This is an engaging, well-written book told from the point of view of Ivorie, her brother, and the little boy.  Each has their own unique voice and struggles with their own beliefs versus the town’s censure.  This is a good book to read and discuss, but I won’t be compelled to buy it for my bookshelf.


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