Anna Dressed In Blood- A Review

imagesAnna Dressed in Blood, by Kendare Blake, is one of those books that both thrills me and makes me sad.  Thrills me because its a great book- great horror mixed with romance.  Makes me sad because I haven’t written anything that awesome, and books like that make me want to sit down and get right to writing.  If you’re a fan of ghost stories and romance, just buy it.  Don’t bother with the library.  I have to go order it on Amazon right now because I got it from the library.

I heard about this book from some website; I don’t remember which one, but the title was intriguing enough for me to go right to the library website and order it.  I loved the premise right away- Cas is a 17 year old who “kills” murdering ghosts.  It’s a legacy he inherited from his father, who was killed in the line of duty.  Cas hears about Anna, who kills anyone who goes into her house, and knows he has to go to her.

When Cas and Anna meet for the first time, he doesn’t kill her and she doesn’t kill him, and neither of them are quite sure why.  There are a couple of mysteries mixed up in this story, and I was too busy reading to even anticipate the answers, which is really saying something for me!

Obviously I give this book two thumbs way up, and I look forward to seeing what Kendare Blake has in store for us next.  Girl of Nightmares (the sequel to Anna Dressed in Blood!), is already out, and on request through the library.  She also has a book called Sleepwalk Society that I’m just going to order from Amazon right now.  Happy reading!

Here’s a link to Kendare Blake’s website in case you want more info on her or her books.


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