Being Human

by The TV Guy

images-1What to you get when a vampire, wolf and a ghost live together?

While this sounds like the opening to a bad joke, it is the premise for the British drama adapted into North American drama, Being Human.

I have been on the sci-fi bandwagon for a couple of months now and wish I had found this genre years ago. When I am able to watch a series from the beginning , no matter how ridiculous the premise, I am able to buy into just about anything. I always hated being introduced to a series in year three with no background. No ideas who anyone was or what the story was all about. Now with the opportunity to start at the beginning, I am able to better understand and in turn enjoy an entirely new set of genres previously left off the viewing docket.

The show is based in Boston, where a vampire and a werewolf work together in a hospital and share a house with the ghost of a recently murdered woman. The ghost, Sally, haunts her ex-fiancé, who killed her in fit a rage, while Aidan, the vampire with a heart of gold, attempts to survive on blood in bags from the hospital he works in. Josh only changes into a werewolf on full moons and has recently knocked up a nurse at the same hospital. There is all kinds of supernatural goodies in this series.

The first season was a blast and I am looking forward to season 2.

Again this is not for everyone, but definitely worth a watch!


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