Talking Dead

imagesYou may have noticed that I didn’t post last week, as I was out of town.  Well, I got to watch last week’s episode on Sunday and this week’s episode last night, and HOLY COW, they were pretty great!

Spoilers below!

First and foremost, I’m so happy Daryl came back to the group.  The scene where he saved the group shows how much Daryl has changed while he was away from Merle, and how much Merle hasn’t changed.  I was surprised when Merle revealed that he and Daryl were only at camp to rob it.  Well, I guess not that shocked after all.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember how much Daryl has grown since Season 1.  He’s such a dependable character that it seems sometimes like he and Rick have always been a team.

Andrea apparently is attracted to really, really bad boys.  For a former lawyer, she’s pretty dumb.  I guess intelligence can’t override matters of the heart.  Though I have to wonder if the Governor was always bad, or if, like Shane, he lost it after zombies took over.  Either way, he has to have some real feelings for Andrea, or else he would have ordered her killed when she left for the prison, the way he did with Michonne.  Michonne nailed it when she said that Andrea’s been “under his spell” from pretty much her first day at Woodbury.

I’m not such a fan of the whole “Rick is losing his mind” thing.  I get it, I guess.  The man is in charge, killed his best friend, lost his wife, found out that his people were being tortured, temporarily lost his other best friend, and can’t take a few days bereavement leave to get his head on straight.

I was struck by how grown up Carl is when he asked his father to step down as leader, but there’s no one to take Rick’s place.  Hershel knows it, which is why he told Rick it’s time to get his head on straight.  Daryl is great, but he’s a born second in command.  He doesn’t mind making decisions, but he needs someone else to implement them.  Glenn is a great risk taker, which doesn’t necessarily make him much of a leader.  Neither Carol nor Maggie are ruthless enough.  No one is questioning Rick now the way they did in the woods.  At this point, they all know he’s the best leader they have.  It’s too bad he freaked out on Tyrese and his group though.

Which brings me to the next thing… how crazy is it that Tyrese’s group ended up with the Governor?  I’ll be interested to see what happens with them.

Either way, I know why the group doesn’t want to leave the prison… it’s the safest they’ve felt so far.  Safety is an illusion in this new world; nowhere is safe enough.


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