Chuck Palahniuk Books

imagesThe first time I saw Fight Club, it made me wish I could write something that incredible.  I rushed out and read the book, and it was even better than the movie.  After that, I tried to read Haunted, and I hated it.  It was pure gross-out, and I couldn’t make it through.  I gave up for a few years, and tried Damned, a novel about a young woman who dies playing an erotic asphyxiation game and has to get through Hell. It’s witty and hilarious.  Next, I picked up Invisible Monsters at the library.  While I loved the concept, the book didn’t hold my interest.  I didn’t hate it; I just didn’t care what happened next.  I couldn’t get invested in any of the characters or see why I should care.

As to whether or not I’d recommend it… if you read the back of the book and are interested, it might be worth a try.  Since the story is told out of order, it’s pretty easy to put it down if you don’t like it because it’s not obvious how much time you’ve invested.  I love the concept of a book that tells you to jump to Chapter 81, then 16, and back to 1… but not enough to keep reading.  After all… life’s short.

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