Talking Dead

imagesYou know what I liked best about this week’s episode of the Walking Dead?  No Woodbury.  No Andrea. No Governor.  I’m so sick of that storyline and want it to be over.

Spoilers ahead…

No, there wasn’t a lot of killing zombies or action this week, but it was the back to basics drama I enjoyed so much.  As soon as I saw the man on the roof shooting at Rick, Michonne, and Carl, I sorta knew it was Morgan.  Carl keeps racking up the body count.  I know he didn’t kill Morgan, but he just doesn’t hesitate to shoot now.  Something that became a huge contrast later on when Morgan told Rick that his son died because he did hesitate to pull the trigger.  Carl knows what needs to be done and does it.  He’s immature, but he’s not a “kid.”

I liked that Rick was back to being a good guy, and tried to help Morgan, even though he’s now about as crazy as they come.  I also think the group can take some good ideas from him with the booby traps.  Seeing Morgan again made me remember how many people helped Rick stay alive early on.  Without Morgan and Glenn, he would have died.  If Hershel had refused to help Carl, something inside them all would have died.  I know the group has become cautious about strangers, but if anyone had been as cautious as he is now, he would have died.  What are you willing to do to survive?  Is Rick responsible for the hiker’s death?  He refused to help him… twice.

Morgan said to Carl, “Don’t ever be sorry.”  Carl had to pull the trigger.  What’s the right thing to do?  Is it about survival at all costs, or does the price come too high if we give up parts of our humanity?  That’s the best thing about this show… it makes me wonder.

On a high note, I liked how Carl was suspicious of Michonne at first, and then after she helped him get the picture, he just said, “I think she’s one of us.”  I think so too, Carl.  What a sad world where he had to fight to get the last picture of his mother for his little sister, and how like a child to think of it.

The season has had some really great episodes.  Here’s to hoping they can keep it up.


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