Walking Dead Weekly Wrap-Up

images-1This week’s Walking Dead was nicely full of tension, but wasn’t a terribly memorable episode.  I found it interesting that the Governor and Rick sat down together at the request of Andrea.  It was a nice touch for the men on the outside to see how much they have in common and see one another as human beings.

Spoilers ahead…

I can’t believe that Rick would even consider the Governor’s offer.  We all knew before he even said it that the Governor was just luring them to their deaths.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, but I’d rather die with honor than betraying someone who’s treated me well.

Poor Andrea continues to be conflicted, and it looks like Milton is starting to feel some conflict, interestingly enough.  I agree with Hershel and Carol… they need to run.  They’ll never be safe as long as anyone from Woodbury lives, and it’s too hard to know who’s innocent and who’s not.  I understand why they want so desperately to stay; it feels safe there, even though we know that nowhere is really safe.

Are any of us really safe, though?  A car accident, an illness, or a random crazy could take any of us out at any time.  Then what’s the point of anything?  I think that’s why so many people love the Walking Dead.  The people are the point.  The relationships we form with others, the camaraderie, working toward a common goal.  That’s the point, and that’s why I’ll tune in week after week even though I hate this whole Woodbury storyline.  I care about the characters, and want to see them triumph, no matter what (or who) they’re fighting against.

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