by The TV Guy

If you were like me you felt the need to be on top of the news. There was a time when I needed to know minute by minute what was going on around the world. There was always a sense that it was my responsibility as a citizen to know “what’s in the news”. We have been suckered into watching more news than any person could possibly use or need in a lifetime.

Do we really need a play by play of everything that is said to be news worthy?

What passes for news is comical! I know more about celebrities and athletes than I could or should ever care to know.

I work with vulnerable adults who are sure that the world is coming to an end based on what they see on the “news”. They live in fear of China, Russia and unmanned drones. No matter what is said these people say, “but it was on the news!”

I cringe and tell them that maybe watching the news all day is not a good idea. They agree and tell me that they saw something on the news that said watching TV is not good for you.

The old saying, “If it bleeds it leads!” is as true today as when it was said by Armstrong Williams decades ago. If we want to be bombarded by news-less news then belly up to the bar and drink yourself to death.

I watch no news, absolutely none! I see and deal with things in my work that make so much of the news seem trivial. The reality of the world and the news of the world are often quite different.

Make a commitment to yourself and those you love try watching less news for one week. If you do not feel better about the world you live in, fine! Return to the news buffet; it is always waiting to serve you another heaping pile of sadness and misery.


2 comments on “News?

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    I hear you. I read most of my news online. It’s so depressing and about as reliable as the weather forecast. “Jobs increasing!” headlines are followed by “Unemployment up!” “Gas prices falling” turns into “Gas prices rising.” And don’t get me started on politics.

    I never thought about it in terms of “vulnerable” adults, but I imagine the news can add a lot of unnecessary stress for them.

  2. doreeweller says:

    This actually came up during a call when a vulnerable adult was getting very upset about some of the things portrayed in the news and we both realized that if it’s stressful for relatively healthy people, it must be 10 times worse for our vulnerable populations who don’t know what to believe.

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