Roku 3

by The TV Guy

Well when I heard the new Roku was coming out, I made my way to the local Best Buy, but much to my chagrin, they had none. The young man attempted to sell me the 2d version, desperately selling it like it was the latest thing going. I looked at him and asked, “No Roku 3’s yet?” His face dropped a little like he had been caught. I thanked him and moved on. I ordered it from the Roku folks themselves and had it in hand 3 days later.

The new unit, much like the old, allows for connection to Netflix and Hulu Plus, along with the ever-lengthening list of other channels they offer. I had looked into the Apple TV, but it did not have some of the little things I liked about the Roku. The set-up was easy and the remote has been redesigned so that the batteries don’t fall out after a lot of use. The one feature I really like is that it has a jack for headphones so I can hear the TV without waking up the wife. Clear crisp sound, a 1080 picture, and ease of use, makes the Roku 3 a must have for the TV person who needs just a little bit more.


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