The Walking Dead Weekly Wrap-Up

imagesSo, I really liked this episode of the Walking Dead.  I guess I really like the episodes that are heavy on drama and character development with some death and dying thrown in.  It’s what I imagine the zombie apocalypse would really be like.  People would do a lot of soul searching because they’d have all that free time not filled with TV and video games.  People would really have to get to know themselves and what they’d be willing to do to survive.

Spoilers ahead!

I was upset last week when Rick even considered giving up Michonne, and then I was even more upset at the beginning of this episode when Rick approached Daryl and Merle about executing the plan.  But I liked the way it played out in the end.  Rick came to some very interesting realizations about himself.  He finally addressed his “I’m the dictator and you’ll do as I say” attitude from the beginning of the winter.  No one questioned it, because he is the best guy for the job as leader.  I guess he finally realized that being in that kind of power leads to corruption.  He knows the rest of the group would have said “no” to sacrificing Michonne.

I feel like Merle committed suicide by going to the meeting alone and taking out some of the fighters.  I think he knew he was going to die, and that he wanted to die.  Daryl has a good place at the prison and fits in there.  Merle doesn’t know how to fit in with them, but in the end, I think he’s a good guy and doesn’t want to disrupt his brother’s place there.  I agree with Michonne, that there’s good in Merle, and I think he could have learned.  I even think Michonne would have forgiven him; she’s pretty pragmatic.  But Merle wasn’t willing and made a choice that made him a much more interesting character in this last episode than he’s been up until now.  I just wonder how his death is going to affect Daryl.  Hopefully he doesn’t lose it the way Rick did.

Only one more episode left in the season!  This has been a really good season.  Not that I watch much TV, but I think this is, hand’s down, the best show on right now.

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