A is for Adrenaline

a-to-z-letters-aI believe that I’ve lost my adrenaline response.

When I first started working in mobile crisis, certain things would give me a bump from time to time, like if someone were being sketchy and threatening.  I’m not going to say “It’s just another day at the office,” because that would be arrogant, and when I start to feel like that, I should probably quit.  But, much of what used to feel threatening just doesn’t anymore.

Over the summer, I went to an amusement park with a friend.  I LOVE roller coasters, and as we rode one after the other, I started to have the nagging feeling that something was wrong.  It was fun, just not as fun as I remembered.  About halfway through the day, I realized that I wasn’t getting an adrenaline rush the way I used to.

Before it happened to me, I never would have believed that it could happen.  Since I’m not going to start jumping out of planes or start using meth, I guess I’ll just have to count adrenaline as a fond memory.  What gives you a rush of adrenaline?



9 comments on “A is for Adrenaline

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    Roller coasters still do it for me. As do spiders. But by far writing well and pleasing my audience is the best feeling ever.

  2. I love spiders!! Roller Coasters are okay.. I know what you mean about losing that “rush” when it comes to certain things..

  3. doreeweller says:

    Spiders and bugs have never really done anything for me…

  4. elegsabiff says:

    Out walking my dog and a rottweiler gallops towards us off its lead? Not a good rush, though – I can’t remember the last fun one, hadn’t even noticed until I read your blog!

  5. Deepa says:

    Awww!! I’m sure you’ll get it back! You just need to be inspired enough!

  6. Barb Black says:

    Roller coasters work for me, but sudden, loud noises tend to give me a pretty good adrenaline rush.

  7. Jennifer M. says:

    I always feel a bit of a rush when I leave work on Fridays in the Spring and walk the trails.

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