B is for Bras

a-to-z-letters-bYes, I’m really going to write about bras.  This blog post is probably TMI, but nothing too scarring for either of us.

When I was a teenager, I was pretty well-endowed.  Too well-endowed at that point in time.  I was a size that could not be purchased in a regular store, and since this was in the time before internet access, that left me in a bad spot.

While my peers were purchasing lovely matching bra and panty sets, my mother and I were trying to figure our way out of an increasingly problematic conundrum.

I don’t remember how we found this shop, but we found our salvation in a flea market.  I love Zern’s.  I love the smell of roasting nuts, and the feel of the dusty concrete floor.  I love the sounds in the flea market, and the fact that I could buy poppy-seed bread and soy candles.

I did not love, however, trying on bras in a makeshift dressing room in the middle of a busy flea market. They only had one bra that fit me, a flesh colored contraption with straps that dug into my shoulders.  It solved my problem, but I didn’t love the solution.

That was back in the days before I even knew what a sports bra was, and I can still remember my skinny, flat-chested gym teacher’s puzzlement as I tried to explain why running was torture and why I couldn’t quite get my arms right in volleyball.

Honestly, I love the internet.


3 comments on “B is for Bras

  1. adot says:

    At my local Flea Market, you can honestly buy anything and more that you would be able to find on the internet. I feel really bad for the people trying on clothing beside the sausage booth, or the people trying to buy scented candles beside the “nail salon”, though. There really is no order to things haha. However, if you are a male and your shoe-size is, like, 100, you will certainly be able to buy shoes, and ladies, you will certainly be able to find a bra whatever the size may be! Gotta love ’em!

    Thanks for stopping by my A-Z-er today! Good luck in the remaining 24 days!

  2. Doree, sorry hunnny.. but you get no sympathy from me! I was one of those skinny flat-chested gals that envied girls like you… I still don’t have big boobs, but your teacher must have been pretty flat-chested to not understand the pain of running without proper support. More power to you!! Have a great night.. 🙂

  3. Cindy Dwyer says:

    When I was nursing Alec, I went from a 34B to a 38D. I was not used to turning heads like that. One day, I was getting our mail and I swear to God a guy almost ran off the road looking at me. I wanted to shout, “Hope you had a good look. They are going to disappear in a few months.”

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