E is for Exercise

Now, I don’t normally talk about such dirty words on my blog, but everyone is throwing the “e” word around these days, so I thought I should address it too.

I hate “exercise.”  I’m not coordinated or physical.  Those people who go to the gym and grin as they “push themselves” are quite frankly, insane in my opinion.

IMG_0587I like to eat healthy, and I like to be active.  I walk about 25 miles a week, and hike 5-7 miles at a time once a week.  I play in my garden and play with my dogs.  Why can’t the road to thinness be paved with this kind of stuff?!?

Honestly, I used to stress a lot more about it, until I started going to a naturopath.  When I explained how frustrated I was, he pointed out that I’m German, and my people were probably farm people.  They survived by being sturdy and strong (which I am).  Healthy meant being able to store fat to last through winter and famine (oh boy can I store fat).

Pop culture tells me I need to be much thinner.  Anti-pop-culture tells me I’m beautiful the way I am.  I certainly don’t want to be responsible for young women’s body image issues!  Yeah, I want to lose weight, but mostly I want to be healthy.  I recently looked in the mirror, and thought I looked pregnant (I’m not).  So… I’ve decided there’s no playtime activity to fix that.  Alas, I’ve got to do (said in a hushed whisper) sit-ups!  What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right?!?


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