Lost and Unfortunately Found…

by The TV Guy

imagesThe long running series Lost is on Hulu for all to watch. I have tried, I have watched most of the first season. I have to say the story could have been interesting. Just when you think its going somewhere it just circles back around and you are in someone’s flashback. I guess if you have nothing else better to do and you really have some free time you may want to venture into this “cutting edge” series. I wanted to like this; it was all the rage for the six long and painful seasons that it ran. I wanted to be swept away into the intrigue and mystery of the tropical island and its numerous residents including but not limited to polar bears, boars and a freaky French woman who killed all her friends and set her son loose on the island; plus the 40 something survivors of the ill-fated flight from Sydney to LA.  There were moments when I wanted to poke my eyes out from the boredom, yet I continued to watch waiting for the “magic” that never came.

My recommendation: don’t bother.


One comment on “Lost and Unfortunately Found…

  1. Cindy Dwyer says:

    We got into it late and ended up watching full seasons at a time to catchup. I think it was more enjoyable that way, although often it didn’t really make a lot of sense. But watching it like that also highlighted all the story lines that just tapered off and never resolved. By the end, I was kinda sad when it was over.

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