M is for Murder and Mayhem

DSCN3326These are two of my favorite things to write about.  I love the twisted and bizarre, and I’m not sure where that comes from.

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed murder mysteries much more than I do today.  Back then, I liked figuring out the whodunit.  Now, I prefer my murder more of the horror variety.  I’m not all about the gore, which I find to be amateurish, most of the time.  I prefer psychological thrillers with murder and mayhem.  Gore has its place, but I think that at times, it takes the place of good writing, in both stories and movies.  There aren’t many of either that are really good.

Often, my horror stories are inspired by something out of life.  Not that I’ve ever killed anyone, or really even wanted to, but that something popped into my head because I was irritated with someone.  I start to think, “well, that would be a good way to kill someone.”  I had a friend who once told me it was a great stress relief to “kill off” someone they were mad at in the Sims game.  I tried it, thinking it was a perfect outlet for me, and I felt bad for the Sims!  I couldn’t starve them or deny them bathroom privileges.

I guess it’s a good thing I only kill people in stories.


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