S is for Solitude

100_1913I crave solitude and seldom get lonely.  I’d love to have a remote house somewhere with a big garden, a bunch of chickens, and my pets.  While I loved The Shining, I don’t think I’d lose it in that situation because except for the ghosts, it sounds pretty wonderful.

I’ve heard people say they don’t like solitude because it gives them too much time to think.  I guess that only really works if you don’t like your thoughts and don’t want to be alone with them.  I love being alone with my thoughts.  There are so many of them!  I’m seldom bored.


3 comments on “S is for Solitude

  1. cindydwyer says:

    I could definitely go for some periods of solitude. But the Shining – too cold. I’d want somewhere where I could enjoy the outdoors and wildlife more.

  2. Hi.. I’m from the AtoZ Challenge and its a pleasure to read your blog.
    Bhavya from Just Another Blog

  3. Linda says:

    I too like short bouts of solitude. I had a friend with a large family and a small house who would sit on the stairs for a few moments of peace and quiet

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