by The TV Guy

imagesThis is an odd show. It has everything from young female FBI agents to LSD tripping senior citizen scientists. The plot centers on Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), an FBI agent who tracks down cases that are part of “larger pattern” and thought to have some connection to the corporate juggernaut known as Massive Dynamics. Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) is responsible for managing his mentally ill, but brilliant father, Dr. Walter Bishop, who was just released from a psychiatric hospital after 17 years. Together they attempt to explain what is otherwise unexplainable.


You cannot just watch this show from any point and have it make sense. If you are interested in this series, start at episode one in order to get the set-up, otherwise it looks ridiculous out of context.



One comment on “Fringe

  1. cindydwyer says:

    Rick and I always seem to get into TV series late in the game. I’ve found I don’t have the dedication to watch week after week or the patience to wait. After we hear enough about a series, we rent season 1 from the library or borrow it from a friend. If we like it enough, we’ll borrow or buy the rest of the seasons. Watched most of 24 and Lost that way.

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