Y is for Yackity Yack

100_1430This came to mind when I was at a show with my husband on Saturday night.  We were sitting high in the mezzanine, just relaxing, talking, and people watching, when I noticed that almost everyone had their phones out.

Most people weren’t actually talking on their phones, but were texting, playing games (I noticed Candy Crush Saga… it’s so pretty!), and one man was actually looking at porn.  These people were in couples and groups, but were paying more attention to their phones than whoever they were with.

I mentioned several blogs ago that I’m trying to be more cognizant about taking out my phone when I’m with someone, and I’m happy to report that my phone stays in my pocket unless we’re discussing a point that I want to look up on the internet.  I don’t take it out to return a text, check my email, or play Candy Crush… as tempting as it is sometimes.

Where did the art of conversation go?  Do you remember the last scintillating discussion you had?  That’s one of the things I like about my job; my work is inherently controversial and leads to some interesting conversations.

What’s your favorite thing to talk about?


2 comments on “Y is for Yackity Yack

  1. cindydwyer says:

    I noticed during dinner with my inlaws the other night that we never used our phones there. We sit out on their screen deck and watch the birds. They have about 1,000 feeders, a pond and tons of flowers so there’s always something neat flying by and we just sit and talk. Very relaxing.

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