All My Children

by the TV Guy

imagesBack from the edge of oblivion, the 40-year old daily staple All My Children has returned to the air after ABC tossed it into the bin.

This daily soap opera was a staple in the ABC lineup for four decades. The buzz around the show returning to TV started almost immediately after it was cancelled. The show returned this week on Hulu.

There are certain key characters that are not on the show. The iconic Susan Lucci as Erica Kane did not make the transition to the new AMC. The show is substantially more racy, as the censors are not part of the equation. The conversations are also full of colorful language and adult themes. The departure from daytime TV to a web based shorter version of this iconic classic is mediocre at best, and that is a kind review. The acting is almost comedic without trying to be. One too many shirtless teenagers crossed with an aging cast that is doing their due diligence to recreate the once popular serial.

I do wish them all the best in this unchartered endeavor. As a lover of all things television I hope they garner enough of a following to make it worth it to the money people.


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