Cancelled Shows

DSCN3586by The TV Guy

As another TV season comes to a close, so do more than a handful of shows… Many of which I am glad that I did not waste my time with, other than to look them up for this blog. Others I watched a few times with dreams of quality and staying power. Much to my chagrin, some of these shows are now on the chopping block. The shows I did enjoy that are slated for demise may still be resurrected on cable or online… the world is wide open. Some shows have come to their natural end like Fringe, while others should have bowed out years before finally said their goodbyes. If you lost a show you love, buck up! Your favorite networks are churning out new versions of old stories with new actors and locales.

The renewed list, while shorter, is full of many staples like Criminal Minds and Modern Family. Some have been renewed because… well… some people like bad television… and that is ok. So check the list for both the good and bad and prepare yourself for an onslaught of summer filler, some reality crossed with re-runs and new television as well. If one of your favorites has been axed, you can email the network with your words of loss and frustration. Maybe, just maybe you can be part of bringing a show back from the dead. It happens!


“1600 Penn” (NBC)

“666 Park Avenue” (ABC)

“90210” (CW)

“Animal Practice” (NBC)

“Ben & Kate” (FOX)

“Body of Proof” (ABC)


“Cult” (CW)

“Deception” (NBC)

“Do No Harm” (NBC)

“Don’t Touch the B In Apartment 23” (ABC)

“Emily Owens, MD” (CW)

“Go On” (NBC)

“Family Tools” (ABC)

‘Fringe” (FOX)

“Golden Boy” (CBS)

“Happy Endings” (ABC)

“How to Live With Your Parents for Your Life” (ABC)

“Last Resort” (ABC)

“Made In Jersey” (CBS)

“Malibu Country” (ABC)

“Monday Mornings” (TNT)

“Private Practice” (ABC)

“Partners” (CBS)

“Red Widow” (ABC)

“Rock Center With Brian Williams” (NBC)

“Rules of Engagement” (CBS)

“Smash” (NBC)

“Southland” (TNT)

“The Mob Doctor” (FOX)

“The New Normal” (NBC)

“The Office” (NBC) – The Series Finale airs this week

“Touch” (FOX)

“Up All Night” (NBC)

“Vegas” (CBS)

“Whitney” (NBC)

“Zero Hour” (ABC)


“Bar Rescue” (Spike TV)

“Boston’s Finest” (TNT)

“Carrie Diaries” (The CW)

“Community” (NBC)

“Criminal Minds” (CBS)

“Dallas” (TNT)

“Glee” (FOX)

“Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC)

“Modern Family” (ABC)

“Nashville” (ABC)

“Nikita” (The CW)

“Once Upon a Time” (ABC)

“Parks and Recreation” (NBC)

“Revenge” (ABC)

“Scandal” (ABC)

“Suburgatory” (ABC)


“24” (FOX) may return for a limited, 13-episode run.

“Burn Notice” (USA) will end after this season.

“Chicago Fire” (NBC) spin-off “Chicago PD” picked up.

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