This Charming Man- A review

imagesI’m a Marian Keyes fan.  Her books tend to be interesting and honest.  This Charming Man (2008) is no exception.  It’s set against a backdrop of Irish politics, and told from the point of view of four women who have a connection to the politician, Paddy de Courcy.  He’s swoon-worthy and charming– the consummate politician.

Each woman knows a slightly different side of him, and the way it all comes together is just perfect.  It has some politics, but Marian Keyes lays it out in a way in which you don’t actually have to care about politics in order to follow it.

It’s a fast and interesting read, though it did take me a chapter or two to really get into it.  The book starts with Lola’s voice, which takes some getting used to.  Stick with it though, and the women’s voices will quickly suck you in.

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