Creativity Kills

IMG_1243How many hours do you waste in a typical day, doing things that wouldn’t make your to do list, if you wrote a list of stuff you wanted to do?  I don’t watch TV, but I don’t want to talk about how many hours I lose on the internet and reading.  Not that reading is a waste of time, and not that I don’t enjoy it, but I don’t need to read during every spare minute of every day (and some that aren’t spare).  Especially when I have things I want to do.

I love this article by James Rhodes, and I think he makes several fantastic points.  I complain about not having enough time, but what if I do have enough time?  What if the problem is not using my time wisely?  Just this morning, I’ve done a bunch of things, but I’ve also spent some time mindlessly on the internet.  Why?  Shrug.  Because it’s there?

Mindfulness is a technique taught by several Eastern religions and integrated into several types of therapy.  It works… paying attention to your body and your reactions, but also to your time and how you use your time.  Maybe being purposeful in my leisure time would help me better manage my time.

I’m mostly just rambling.  If you want inspiration on creativity and dedication to your art, read the article.  James Rhodes has passion in spades.


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