The Finder

by The TV Guy

UnknownFox had a show on its hand that had the potential to be more than it turned out to be. The Finder followed the fictional character Major Walter Sherman, who had been discharged from the Army due to a brain injury he suffered in Iraq. He was able to find anything someone had lost using his brain injury as his super sleuth tool of choice. I do not know if this was the first show that exploits a traumatic brain injury, but it seemed to work. The Finder was a spin-off from the Fox series Bones and some of the characters show up for Walter’s certain brand of unique help. The show ran from Jan-May of 2012 and disappeared into the abyss. Actor Michael Duncan Clark played Walters’ lawyer, this was the last role he played on TV. Clark died of complications from a heart attack in September of the same year. Clark stole the show from Tom Hanks in the Green Mile, that led to his meteoric rise in Hollywood.

This is one is on Hulu and is definitely worth a watch…



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