Cougar Town

by The TV Guy

Unknown Every so often a minor TV miracle happens. A chance meeting with a show that you found little or no interest in when you caught it first time around. Some shows seem too corny or cliché and you pass them by on principle alone.  Sometimes it’s an actor or actress for whatever reason you find them awful or simply ridiculous. I am not a fan of Courtney Cox, I am not sure why other than her annoying character on Friends which I watched once or twice and scratched my head as to why it was so popular.

So when Cougar Town came along in 2009 I passed it over quickly with a cursory nod of dismissal. When the show made its migration from prime time ABC to the slightly more adult TBS I gave it look and found the show had some redeeming value and decided to set the DVR to catch the new episodes. I realized quickly that I had set the DVR to record all the episodes and began to amass a significant collection of re-runs from the previously dismissed seasons. I can admit when I am wrong and I was wrong about Cougar Town. The show evolved passed its down right stupid title and began to develop a cohesive set of characters and story lines that made for interesting viewing. If you caught the show in season 1 and hated it, check out the subsequent seasons as the writing improved and the show developed a character of its own.

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