Tragedy at Yarnell Hill

by The TV Guy

We spend much of our time watching the news, not being a part of it. On Tuesday, I will be inadvertently tossed in the middle of a tragedy that has befallen the people of Arizona and firefighters the world over. As most of you may already know, 19 firefighters lost their lives fighting a wildfire in the Yarnell Hill Fire. This is the largest loss of life in a single incident for firefighters since 9/11. Terros, my employer, has been supporting the Red Cross the last week in Wickenburg AZ and the residents displaced by the fire. As crisis specialists, we see many different types of crises and we do our due diligence to help. On Tuesday July 9th, some of us will be on hand at the memorial in Prescott Valley to offer support. This has become big news with the Vice President coming in as well as firefighters from around the world. You never expect to be part of the news, but sometimes it just happens that way. I look forward to supporting the many residents, friends and family at the memorial.


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