Jump The Shark

by The TV Guy

UnknownBack in the day there was a website that illuminated the exact moment in time when a TV show was on a downward trajectory. The name of the site was Jumpthe shark.com, based on the now infamous episode of the 1970’s/ 80’s iconic Tuesday night staple Happy Days.  Arthur Fonzarelli aka Fonzi had to jump a shark for some inane reason while on vacation in California. It sounds even more ridiculous saying it out loud, but that was the point, the show was never the same and soon after the show was cancelled. Now I cannot help but watch some TV and think to myself, when did this one jump the shark?

Very few shows can be timely and relevant much past year 5 of their network run. Now before you start naming all the shows that did not “jump the shark”, think of all the multitudes of shows that did. Most shows become ridiculous and stick around for no other reason than to “cash in” on what once was a good show.

So take some time and think about all the shows that were phenomenal early on and became almost painful to watch in the final seasons.

Dear, Simpson’s Producers….
Put a fork in it!!!!!

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